“We are passionate about finding new and creative ways to use technology to boost success in business.”

Amos R. Ford Jr., CEO

Who We Are

We are a team of South Florida web design and development professionals who love partnering with good people and diverse businesses to help them achieve digital success.

What We Do

We help new and existing businesses reach their goals with tech through education, exploration, and execution. We’re constantly furthering our skills to help our clients reach new heights.

Why We Do It

Our team is creative and passionate about what we do and we love working with all different types of companies and coming up with ways to utilize the digital world to help them grow.

Our History
Brandage was founded in 2016 in Miami, FL. The company consists of a network of experienced consultants based in South Florida and the US. We have over 40+ years of combined experience and leadership in the digital world covering web design & development, digital marketing & SEO, and launching online businesses.
Our Mission
Brandage was started to help bridge the gap between a company’s core competencies and the skills needed to succeed in the online world. Being a Brandage partner means you get to focus on what you do best and leave the ever changing digital world to people who are passionate about technology, design, and analytics.
Our Company Goals
Offer large company quality digital and IT services at start-up prices and eliminate the overhead of building an in-house team.
We also want to provide opportunities for growth to new talent in the various digital fields by providing internship opportunities and real world experience to students and youth.
Our Philosophy
We do not provide just provide a service. We offer a partnership. We want to be your digital partner and help supplement your missing skills to foster growth.