Building your brand on social media

Building your brand on social media

Social media have become one of the most powerful promotional and marketing tools in the digital world. Having a presence in them has become essential for any company or business, as they provide exposure to the general public.

If you are building your brand on social media, we will help you by sharing the best tips in this regard.

How to build your brand on social media

Building your brand on social media consists of effectively communicating your target audience, why your company deserves their attention.

Here are some tips to develop and maintain your brand’s presence on social platforms.

Create a complete profile

The profile of social networks is like the business card of your brand or business, so you must create it carefully without forgetting any information.

  • Profile image: it is a key element in the profile of social networks. It should contain your business logo and should be consistent across each of the social media accounts you create. This way your customers can easily identify you.
  • Biography: it must describe your company and what it offers, accurately and concisely. You should write it with a fresh and pleasant tone.
  • Link to your website: allows you to integrate your social networks with your company’s website.

Select the best platforms for your brand

Don’t waste time on ineffective social networks for your business. You must choose which are the most appropriate platforms for your company, and invest your time in them.

If you sell clothing accessories, social media whose essence is publications with images will be the most appropriate. In case you are dealing with a law firm without a lot of graphic content to share, you can go for dynamic platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Create a publishing plan

Organizing your publications on social networks will allow you to strengthen the presence of your brand. You must create a plan that allows you to publish frequently and offering consistent and quality content.

Define the following aspects in your plan:

  • In which social media you will publish.
  • The type of content to be published.
  • Frequency of publication.
  • Time and day of publication.
  • What is the content to be published.

Interact with your followers

You need to establish a connection with your audience and one of the best ways to achieve this is by interacting with them regularly.

Social media platforms provide you with all the facilities for you to get in touch with your audience. The more interaction you have, the more likely platforms will promote your posts.

On the other hand, by getting in touch with your followers, you project a positive image of your business.

Here are some interaction ideas that you can apply:

  • Respond to comments about your posts.
  • Share content created by your followers and published on their profiles.
  • Comment on the posts and profiles of your target audience.

Integrate your website with your social media

Websites are the center of operations for many e-commerce and other types of businesses. That is why the way to promote or integrate the web with any promotional or marketing channel used by the company, such as social networks, should always be taken into account.

Most social platforms offer the opportunity to indicate the company’s website address on their profiles, but any other option should be taken advantage of.

We mention some effective alternatives to connect your followers on social networks with your website:

  • Regularly share your blog posts in your feed.
  • Use all the link options offered by social networks.
  • Include a call to action to engage users.
  • Offer a coupon or discount code for users who enter your website.


By following these tips you can effectively build your brand on social media, boosting your business and highlighting it in the market.



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