The importance of having a User Friendly website

The importance of having a User Friendly website

Currently, every company must have an Internet presence to stay in the market. However, it is not enough to have a website, since it must have a design that allows it to be a user friendly website.

If you want to attract new customers and keep the ones you already have, it is of great importance that your website is easy to use. This must have an intuitive, well-structured design that works on any type of device. Otherwise you could be driving users away and losing hundreds of customers.

A website with an appropriate and easy-to-use design can boost your company by projecting a positive and professional image of it in the online world.

Why is it important to have a User Friendly website?

You must bear in mind that a website will represent your business in the digital environment, so it must project a positive image in all aspects. That is why you should focus your efforts on offering an excellent user experience at all times.

We will detail the reasons why having a user friendly website is so important.

  • One of the main reasons for having an easy-to-use website is that it will increase your web traffic. By providing a pleasant browsing experience to users, they will feel comfortable and satisfied so they will surely visit your website again.
  • Inspire trust in users. When people enter a poorly performing website, it generates mistrust and a bad impression. The opposite happens when they visit an optimal and easy-to-use website.
  • If users feel that your website was designed with them in mind, they will always remember it and will surely visit it again every time they have a need that you can cover.
  • Poor performance websites generate negative feelings in users such as frustration, annoyance, anger, mistrust and disrespect. This would obviously be detrimental to your business, since people would not want to return to your website.

How to make a website easy to use?

When it comes to web design, creating an easy-to-use site is about allowing users to find information immediately or almost immediately, on whatever device they use.

There are various practices that you can apply to optimize the usability of your website. We indicate the most effective:

Responsive web design

Currently, people make greater use of their mobile devices to access the Internet, both to search for information on products or services and to consult on any subject. That is why it is essential that your website has a design optimized for mobile devices.

You must allow your audience to access your website from any type of apparatus with an Internet connection. This will help the positioning of your brand.

Strategic content structure

The information presented on your website must be structured or organized appropriately, so that visitors can easily find the information they are looking for. Otherwise they will look for another place that gives them the content they want.

Make sure you know the user’s point of view, and avoid overloading your content with text. Images and videos are much more attractive, and can convey information in a more practical way.

Maintain a harmonious balance between the elements you use on your website.

Loading speed

This is a very important factor. If your website is slow to load, visitors may get frustrated and will leave your site immediately. Charging time should be between four and six seconds.

You should also bear in mind that if your website is slow, this will negatively affect its ranking with search engines.

Apply these tips and get a user friendly website. This is the best for your company and your clients will surely appreciate it.

5 tips for launching a website

5 tips for launching a website

Launching a website can be viewed as an intimidating job that involves many tasks, but with a little organization you can do it without a hitch.

You only have to take into account certain aspects, and a planning that covers the before and after the launch. In this way you will be able to obtain the fruits you expect in a short time.

In this post we will share 5 effective tips for you to achieve a successful website launch.

Tips for launching a website

Presenting your website to the public is a very important step, so you must do it properly. For this, we indicate some recommendations that will help you achieve your goal effectively.

Create your social media accounts beforehand

Social networks are very powerful communication channels, and today they are great digital marketing tools. Hence the importance of creating your accounts on each of the platforms you want, so that they work together with your website, once it is launched.

On the other hand, by creating your accounts in advance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace and on any other network, you will have the opportunity to select an appropriate name for your company, and make sure it is the same on all social platforms.

Through your social networks, your clients will have various means to contact you and interact with you. If possible, perform the task of creating your social media accounts one month before your website launch. This will give you plenty of time to set them up thoroughly, and to create a promotional campaign.

Once you have your social networks active, you can use them to promote the launch of your website. Use captivating and intriguing images that create expectations in the audience. Running a small campaign before launching a website can generate more links and more traffic.

Create SEO content for a month

Before and after the launch of your website you will have many tasks to perform, so it would be a great idea to have quality content already prepared to publish constantly after the launch.

If possible, create enough content to cover a month or more. Of course, this must be optimized for SEO.

Once you have published your website, visitors will be waiting for interesting and attractive content, so you must offer them what they are looking for. Remember to keep keywords in mind when creating your posts.

Launch according to schedule

Regardless of whether or not you have promoted the launch date, you should launch a website according to what you have planned. This will not only encourage you to work towards your goal, it will also allow you to move forward with the next stages.

In case your website is not completely ready, you can launch it as long as it has an appropriate appearance and content to offer. Missing details can be added along the way. Remember that it is very common for websites to be updated.

Promote the launch with friends and family

Once you have launched your website, one of the first steps you must take is to communicate it to your family and friends. Notify them about your new release and invite them to see it. They will be a very important audience and can become promoters for your project.

Go through your contact list and don’t miss anyone. If you have contact with magazines, newspapers or some other website, you can also send them a notification about it. Maybe they agree to comment or publish the launch of your website.

Use email marketing

After launching a website, an email marketing campaign can be productive.

Compose an email with a nice and precise message including a link to your website. You can also include images of the main page of the site, and buttons to share on social networks.

Follow these tips to launch a website successfully and smoothly. These practices are simple and very effective, and they guarantee you the achievement of your goal.



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